Training Practice

Our practice is part of the Oxford University Medical School Training Program.

From time to time you may be asked by one of the doctors whether you would mind being seen by the students. The students are always monitored by one of the partners.

Doctors in Training

We supervise the training of Foundation Year 2 doctors.

These medically-qualified doctors have already completed 1 full year post qualification, but are not trained GPs, and will therefore be supervised by the partners in the practice as they learn about General Practice.

You may be asked by the receptionist if you would be happy to be seen by the Foundation Year 2 Doctor. This is likely to involve a slightly longer appointment than usual.

Medical Students

At Hughenden Valley and Chequers Surgeries, we oversee the clinical training of Medical Students from Oxford University.

These students are here to learn and will not undertake or be responsible for any element of your medical care.

With your express permission (and only by special arrangement), and under the direct supervision of a qualified training GP you may be asked to assist in the training of the students by talking to them about your medical problems and if you are happy to, by allowing them to perform a limited examination of you, for example to observe a clinical sign which we already know is present.

These students have already passed their non-clinical training, they are approaching the end of their clinical training and are just a few months away from being junior doctors on the wards.

The students adhere to the same professional standards as qualified doctors in respect of their behaviour and confidentiality.

There is no substitute for meeting real people with real medical conditions when we are training and with your help, together, we are supporting the next generation of young doctors.