Your EARS are cared for by a number of different professionals...

We can help. 

For problems such as ear irritation and infection we can help you.

You would typically need to book in to see one of our nurses who will check your ears. 

If necessary the nurse will ask a doctor to check your ears at the same time.


Many patients look to have their ears syringed to try and improve their hearing by clearing out the wax. This procedure is NOT RISK FREE. It is NOT good to have ear syringing performed as a routine procedure, it is best to try and break the cycle as syringing could lead to other more serious problems and due to this Ear Syringing if not a service that we provide.

Ear wax forms a protective coating of the skin in the ear canal.

Wax is NORMAL. Small flakes or crusts of wax break off and fall out of the ear from time to time. The quantity of ear wax made varies greatly from person to person. A plug of wax in the ear is not a serious problem, more a nuisance. You only need to remove if it is causing symptoms of great discomfort.

Do not try and clean the ear canal with cotton wool buds this can make things worse by pushing the wax deeper inside and could cause an ear infection. Let the ear ‘clean itself’.

If you think your ears are blocked with wax insert 1-2 drops of olive oil twice a day into the ear(s) every day for 14 days. You can get a dropper from the chemist or use half a teaspoon and pour into the ear.

How to use ear drops:

Olive oil encourages the natural movement of wax from the outer ear.

  • Lie down on your side with the affected ear upwards.

  • Gently pull the outer ear backwards and upwards. Using room temperature olive oil and the dropper drop 1-2 drops in the ear canal and gently massage the area in front of the ear.

  • Remain lying down for 10 mins. and then wipe away excess oil. DO NOT put any cotton wool in your ear canal as this will absorb the oil.

  • Repeat the procedure with the opposite ear if necessary.

    If your symptoms persist then continue with the oil until you can get an appointment with the nurse to have your ears examined. Initially this will be a 5 minute appointment only. You should only have them syringed if you have persistent symptoms with no contraindications.

    Syringing your ears is contraindicated if:

    • You have previously experienced complications following the procedure in the past.

    • You have a chest, ear or throat infection.

    • If you have pain in your ear or undergone previous ear surgery

    • If you have a hole in your ear drum (perforation)

    • If you have discharge from the ear.

    • If you have a cleft palate (repaired or not)

    • There is evidence of pain and tenderness within the ear.

    As an alternative, microsuction, a safer option than syringing is available at Specsavers (High Wycombe) 01494 520304 or Aston Hearing services (Amersham) 01494 733840 for a  charge.

    After your ears have cleared naturally or been syringed, oil should be used in your ears once or twice a week to keep the wax soft.



If you have a lot of ear wax, it may be necessary to soften the wax with olive oil or an over the counter equivalent product.

Thsi usually needs to be done for 10-14 days to ensure the wax is soft enough to clean out.

At that point we can see you in the nurses clinic to have the wax removed.

The Community ENT Service

We benefit locally from an excellent ENT service based in Beaconsfield.

They offer a number of additional services relating to ears / balance and hearing. 

This service is paid for by the NHS and your GP will need to refer you to them.

For Problems With Your Hearing:

Hearing tests are provided by a number of local services.

Here are some of those available..

Scrivens - The Hearing Company

- High Wycombe 01494 526058

- Bourne End 01628 525999

- Aylesbury 01296 399 404

- Chipping Norton 01608 642949

- Didcot 01235 813305

- Bicester 01869 253577

- Oxford 01865 242866

- Witney 01993 702543

- Banbury 01295262882

- Abingdon 01235 523217

- Wantage 01235 769888

We can also refer you to Stoke Mandeville & High Wycombe Hospital, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Inhealth Ltd and Specsavers

All of the above establishments are authorised by the NHS and offer a NHS approved level of service.

For any other problems with your ears, please come and see your GP. We may be able to fix it or we may liaise with the Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons for a specialist opinion.

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