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Hughenden Valley & Chequers Surgeries Non-NHS Fees .

Our Non NHS Fees List

Non-NHS Fees and Charges; Your questions answered:

Why are the services changing?

Over recent years we have seen a very sharp rise in the demand for NHS services in General Practice. We will not take on privately funded work that may impact on our ability to meet the NHS needs of our NHS registered patients.

For that reason some services will no longer be available. In every case there will be other private providers of the service that you need.

What is a Non-NHS Service?

A Non-NHS service is any service which is not funded by the NHS. While we provide many additional services as detailed below, you are under no obligation to obtain these services from us even if you are registered with us.

Why do GP’s charge fees for some services?

The National Health Service provides most health care to most people free of charge, but there are exceptions. Prescription charges, for example, have existed since 1951, and there are a number of other services for which fees are charged. Sometimes the charge is made to cover some of the cost of treatment, for example dental fees. In other cases it is because the service isn’t covered by the NHS at all, for example, medical reports for insurance companies, claims on holiday cancellation insurance and other letters and forms which require the doctor to review the patient’s medical records.

What is covered by the NHS and what is not?

The government pays your GP surgery to provide a list of specific medical services to NHS registered patients.

Currently they pay £123.58 per year in your area. That’s  33 pence per day on average to provide YOU with EVERYTHING covered by the NHS contract.

Here is he information of what is in the NHS GP contract: NHS England (NHS Contract Page)

Examples of non-NHS services for which GP’s must charge their patients:

  • Certain travel vaccinations
  • Private medical insurance reports
  • Holiday cancellation forms
  • Referrals for private care
  • Letters requested by or on behalf of the patient
  • In certain instances, fitness to work forms

Examples of non-NHS services for which GP’s must charge other institutions:

  • Medical reports for an insurance company
  • Some reports for the DSS/Benefits agency
  • Examinations of local authority employees
  • Work done by GPs requested by Social Services

Why does it sometimes take my GP a long time to complete my form?

We do not allocate any NHS funded time to attend to non NHS workload, in fact the NHS workload spills out of the NHS contracted hours every single day. Time spent completing forms and preparing reports must not be allowed to impact on the medical care of our patients and so is typically addressed outside of working hours.

I only need the doctor’s signature, what is the problem?

When a doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true. Therefore in order to complete even the simplest of forms, the doctor needs to check the patient’s entire record, including your archived paper notes. Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the patient and the doctor, with the General Medical Council or even the police.

By requiring you to ask someone else to complete a form for them before they allow you to do something, organisations may be seeking to pass over responsibility for that decision.

Unfortunately we have neither the resources nor the expertise required to attend to every kind of form that people bring in and so naturally, there are some that we will not be able to complete for you. In every case there will be other private providers of the service that you need.

Why have some of the prices changed?

We have not revised our non-NHS fees since 31 March 2017 , but our costs have risen year on year. We are no longer able to subsidise this non-NHS workload to the same extent without any impact on our NHS commitments.

All current 2017 fees will remain in place until 31 January 2019 at which point the revised schedule below will come into force. Some, but not all of our non-NHS fees have increased, while other services will no longer be available from us due to the time constraints of our increased NHS workload.

In those circumstances, our reception team may be able to help you find other providers of the Non-NHS funded service that you require.

Why do I have to pay VAT on some but not all Non-NHS Fees?

From 1st May 2007 the practice has to charge VAT on certain non-NHS fees.


The policy suggested by HM Customs & Excise is that VAT is not chargeable on areas where the service directly “protects, maintains or restores the health of an individual”.


Accordingly, these services are currently exempt from VAT charges.


By way of illustration, in circumstances where the service enables the individual to undertake an activity (whether or not related to their health) or facilitates a third party to make a decision (that may or may not relate to the health of an individual), VAT IS chargeable at the standard rate of 20%.

Our VAT Registration Number is 881204046.


Charitable Donations:

We raise money for additional patient equipment via a charitable donations fund. 

In this way we are able to offer you some additional Non-NHS funded services free of charge, for example home blood pressure monitoring or spirometry. 

All donations are gratefully received.

Your entire charitable donation directly benefits patients that use these services and no percentage of the donation is used for administration or any other purpose.

Thank you for your support.

Non-NHS Funded Fees:

Any single event computerised records printout or summaryPatient£12.36£0.00£12.36
Copy of records or combination of manual / computer recordsPatient/Solicitor£51.50£0.00£51.50
 £   0.41 £      -   £   0.41
Admin charge for sending by recorded deliveryPatient /Solicitor£8.24  
Printout of blood results for patient’s own records.PatientUnder  
Review Review
Adoption fees are normally paid by parent but sometimes paid by  the adoption agency
Fostering fees are normally paid by NHS
Who PaysNetVatTotal
BCC Foster / Take a break form £77.25£0.00£77.25
BCC Foster / Take a break update £25.75£0.00£25.75
Form IHA Initial Health Assessment £59.86£0.00£59.86
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reports £46.30£0.00£46.30
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of child £76.50£0.00£76.50
Form AH Health assessment, Prospective carer £76.50£0.00£76.50
Form AH2 Update report, parent/carer £25.09£0.00£25.09
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration booklet) £76.50£0.00£76.50
Examination of children in / for care £39.13£0.00£39.13
Subsequent examination £25.09£0.00£25.09
Freedom from infection for children for care £25.09£0.00£25.09
Who PaysNetVatTotal
School fees insurance claim formPatient£77.25£0.00£77.25
Fitness to attend state schoolLocal Authority£25.90£0.00£25.90
Health certificate to attend university, college, teacher or nurses training.Patient / Employer£76.50£0.00£70.00
Fitness for sport at school / university etc.Patient£20.60£0.00£20.00
Examination and reportPatient / Insurance Company£174.59£0.00£169.50
Extract from recordsPatient / Insurance Company£66.95£0.00£65.00
Certificate of incapacityPatient / Insurance Company£25.75£0.00£25.00
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Any Private Sick NotePatient£30.90£0.00£30.90
Any Sick Note within the first 7 days of being ill.Patient   
Letter confirming illness to an employer (within 7 days).Patient   
Fitness to cycleNot Done
Fitness to skydive / parachuteNot Done
Any fitness to dive /Not Done
PADI Fitness for Diving Medical
Fitness to pilot any flying vehicleNot Done
Fitness to take part in any extreme sportNot Done
Fitness to take part in any sponsored event                         Not Done
Fitness to take part in any gym membershipNot Done
Statement of not being fit to take part in gym membership    
Factual report, eg statement of BP reading, to gym or other sporting club    
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Shotgun or Firearms Medical ReportNot Done
Statement of Opinion Regarding any Firearm.Not Done
We will not charge a homeless person for a letter of support relating to housing.
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Admission to temporary residential home.Local Authority£26.42£5.28£31.70
“To Whom It May Concern” letter in support of rehousingPatient£25.75£5.15£30.90
Report for solicitor - 10 working daysSolicitor£100.43£20.09£120.51
Report for solicitor –Solicitor£136.48£27.30£163.77
2 working days   
Report for solicitor - same daySolicitor£232.78£46.56£279.34
(subject to availability)   
Full examination with report or certificatePatient / Employer / Insurance Company£174.59£34.92£209.50
Any Government Department FormGovernment Department£66.95£13.39£80.34
Private report (no examination)Patient / Employer / Insurance Company£116.39£23.28£139.67
Report on Pro-formaPatient / Employer / Insurance Company£87.55£17.51£105.06
Extract from records / focussed medical reportPatient / Employer / Insurance Company£66.95£13.39£80.34
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Examination and reportInsurance Company£174.59£34.92£209.50
Report without examination Insurance Company£116.39£23.28£139.67
Supplementary reportsInsurance Company£30.90£6.18£37.08
Report on pro formaInsurance Company£87.55£17.51£105.06
Extract from recordsInsurance Company£66.95£13.39£80.34
Certificate of IncapacityInsurance Company£25.75£5.15£30.90
Insurance claim form completionPatient£30.90£6.18£37.08
PMA ReportInsurance Company£107.12£21.42£128.54
PMA SupplementInsurance Company£27.81£5.56£33.37
Report on prospective subscriber PMI / Extract from recordsInsurance Company£107.12£21.42£128.54
Complete/ sign GP Authorisation Form Patient£25.75£5.15£30.90
Full medical exam and reportInsurance Company£174.59£34.92£209.50
Provident Association claim formPatient£26.78£0.00£26.78
(e.g. BUPA/PPP)   
Open Private Referral LetterPatient / Insurance CompanyUnder  
Private Referral LetterPatient / Insurance CompanyUnder  
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Full medical with report or certificate (private/insurance)Patient/Employer/Insurance£174.59£34.92£209.50
Report without examination (private/insurance)Patient/Employer/Insurance£116.39£23.28£139.67
Report on Pro-formaPatient/Employer/Insurance£87.55£17.51£105.06
Extract from records (no examination or opinion)Employer£66.95£13.39£80.34
Certificate of IncapacityPatient£25.75£5.15£30.90
 “To Whom It May Concern” letter with details of a patient's medical conditionPatient£25.75£5.15£30.90
Mental Health Capacity Assessment with examinationSolicitor/Guardian£174.59£34.92£209.50
Mental Health Capacity Assessment with no examinationSolicitor/Guardian£66.95£13.39£80.34
Mental Health ExaminationLocal Authority£55.37£11.07£66.45
- non specialist fee   
Lasting Power of Attorney - Property and Financial AffairsNot Done
Lasting Power of Attorney - Health and WelfareNot Done
Application For Naturalisation as a British Citizen - form AN from the UK Border Agency £30.90  
Criminal injuries compensation reportNot Done
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Passport application 
(including counter-signing photograph)Not Done
Council Tax “Certificate of Severe Impairment”No Charge
Police StatementPolice Authority£41.20£8.24£49.44
Form DS1500DWP£18.23£3.65£21.88
Cremation CertificationFuneral Director£84.46£16.89£101.35
Certificate of ExistencePatient£30.90£6.18£37.08
Proof of life certificatePatient£30.90£6.18£37.08
Performing Arts CertificatePatient£30.90£6.18£37.08
Freedom from infection certificatePatient£30.90£6.18£37.08
Completion of application for first registration of a dentist (GDC)Patient£72.10  
Practice Stamp added to any document for a Non NHS Funded purpose.Patient£20.60£4.12£24.72
Who PaysNetVatTotal
OFSTED Health DeclarationPatient£41.20£8.24£49.44
Section 17 AssessmentLocal Authority£47.50£0.00£47.50
Section 47 AssessmentLocal Authority£47.50£0.00£47.50
Safeguarding ReportLocal Authority£47.50£0.00£47.50
Attendance In PersonLocal Authority£79.50£0.00£79.50
Telephone conferenceLocal Authority£79.50£0.00£79.50
Military/Police/Local AuthorityLocal Authority£116.39  
Medical Examination / certificate / opinion  
Military/Police/Local Authority report without examinationLocal Authority£76.74£15.35£92.08
Extract from recordsLocal Authority£41.20£8.24£49.44
(no examination or opinion)   
Military/Local Authority/Police MedicalLocal Authority£116.39  
for higher grade appointment  
NHS Employee ProspectiveLocal NHS Body£40.40£8.08£48.48
Who PaysNetVatTotal
Fireman's Medical ExaminationFire Master£116.39£23.28£139.67
Fireman's Medical Examination for Continuation of part time FMFire Master£116.39£23.28£139.67
Military relocation assessment (per patient)Local Authority£44.29£8.86£53.15
2 day service (2 full working days)                                  £36.05£7.21£43.26
On the day service (subject to availability)                            £132.36£26.47£158.83
 Who PaysNetVatTotal
Full physical examination and report, eg HGV, PSV, Taxi / Minicab “Application”    
Limited physical examination (eg BP check) with report eg Taxi & Private Hire Medical “Declaration”Patient£77.25  
Written report without any physical examinationPatient£116.39£23.28£139.67
Extract from recordsPatient£66.95£13.39£80.34
Report to DVLA with examinationDVLA£49.44£9.89£59.33
Report to DVLA without examinationDVLA£23.69£4.74£28.43
Seat belt exemptionPatient£72.10£14.42£86.52
Elderly or racing driver fitness certificatesPatient£72.10£14.42£86.52
Driving licence photograph certificationPatient£25.75£5.15£30.90
Blue badge Report onlyLocal authority£25.90£5.18£31.09
Blue Badge Examination and reportLocal authority£40.40£8.08£48.48
Letter of appeal against adverse decisionPatient£20.60£4.12£24.72
Bus pass applicationNo Charge
PCV/LGV driver  Patient/Employer£93.22£18.64£111.86
Local Authority PCV/LGV  Local authority£93.22£18.64£111.86
 Who PaysNetVatTotal
Pregnant Woman's Medical Certificate Attesting Fitness to Fly noting their good health and indicating the baby's expected date of birthPatient£25.00  
Fitness to travel certificate - pre-existing illnessPatient£27.81£5.56£33.37
Prescription for drugs required solely for travel purpose e.g. Malaria tabPatient£13.91£2.78£16.69
Vaccination certificatePatient£17.00£3.40£20.39
Holiday cancellation certificate or letter (some insurers also require a claim form - see below)Insurance Company/Patient£37.08£7.42£44.50
Holiday cancellation insurance claimInsurance Company/Patient£37.08£7.42£44.50
Letter detailing prescription medicines with surgery stampPatient£20.60£0.00£20.60
Flu Vaccine for patients not eligible for free on the NHSPatient£10.30£2.06£12.36
Yellow FeverPatient£59.74£0.00£59.74
Hepatitis B (each)Patient£30.90£6.18£37.08
Three are required   
Rabies (each)Patient£51.50£10.30£61.80
Three are required.   
Meningitis ACWYPatient£51.50£10.30£61.80
Private Prescription Charge (per course)Patient£20.60£4.12£24.72
Treasury rates are applicable to:  AXA/PPP Healthcare Occupational Health Services Ltd, Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Department for Work and Pensions (Disability Support Division), Department of Trade and Industry (Coal Liabilities), Highlands and Islands Airport Authority (HIA), NHS Pensions Agency, Northern Ireland Civil Service Occupational Health Service.
 Who PaysNetVatTotal
 Extract from records £51.50£10.30£61.80
 Simple written report  £131.84£26.37£158.21
 Medical examination and report. or complex  written report and opinion £174.59£34.92£209.50
Sessional fee (eg 3 hrs) . £455.78£0.00£455.78
Treasury rate  for work in surgery  0£0.00
Extract from records £51.50£10.30£61.80
Report on pro forma £50.47£10.09£60.56


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