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Covid-19 Vaccination Program


1) Whom are going to be invited?

Groups 1-9




2) I am in the list when will I be invited?

On or after 6 months after your second COVID-19 Vaccination


3) Whom will invite me?

This will be done by NHS England via text or letter (your surgery may also text you to say you time has come for a booster)


4)Will my surgery be vaccinating me?

While your surgery took part in the first and second COVID-19 vaccinations via the PCN (Primary Care Network) we believe as there is a local vaccination centre close to you now provided via the pharmacy network with help from a network of Super Hero volunteers your GP surgery is better placed to concentrate on other medical conditions.


5) Do I book my Covid-19 vaccination via my GP?

No this will be done via calling 119 or Online


6) Should I try and book now?

Please wait until you are called the information 119 hold know when it has been 6 months and the system will not allow booking until then.


7) I have a question about the booster vaccination should I call the surgery and make an appointment?

Please call 119 with all COVID-19 related questions (they was setup just for these situations)


8 ) I am or a relative is housebound what will happen to us?

This is being Done by the PCN and they will be in contact with you soon.


9) It is 6 months today and no one has contacted me should I start calling?

Don’t worry no one will be forgotten.


10) When does the Booster Covid-19 vaccinating start?
From the 27th September 2021


Hopefully this should give you some helpful information but please remember since the start of the pandemic information can change on a daily, hourly or even minute by minute basis