Covid-19 Vaccination Site in Hughenden

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You may have noticed that a Covid-19 Vaccination centre has appeared in the Hughenden Valley Surgery (Hughenden) Staff car park. So parking in the village may be a bit more troublesome due to this (apologies in advance but it is for the greater good).

Some frequently asked questions

Whom will be running the vaccination centre?

This is being run wholly by the Hughenden Valley Pharmacy with help from volunteers from the PPG, Mountain rescue and St John’s Ambulance.

Can I book my Vaccination here by calling the Surgery?

Please do not call the surgery as this is being delivered by Hughenden Pharmacy and can only be booked online or by calling 119, This is so the surgery can concentrate on other medical conditions other than Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Why now?

PCN vaccination centres are starting to slowly close so GP’s and Nurses can get back to the day job’s and with NHSE guidance to see more patients face to face.

Whom will be vaccinated?

 16-40 year olds as and when they are called (Pfizer)

I have already had 2 Vaccinations why would I want any disruption in the village?

Until we are all safe no one is safe and there is also a plan for a 3rd vaccination later in the year.

What can I do to help ease the parking situation in the village?

  1. Only come to the surgery or pharmacy if absolutely necessary.
  2. If I need to drop off my repeat prescription ( you can order you repeat prescription online via the NHS app or NHS App web portal) Online Services – Hughenden Valley
  3. If you do need come to the surgery or pharmacy to walk if at all possible. (Good for the environment and your health)

Once again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and hopefully soon due to everyone’s efforts we can beat Covid-19.